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muhubo suleiman

Alyssa Francis

English 109.01

October 5,2010

The chapter "why no one walks" by Bill Brayson appears in the book. i'm a stranger here myself. Brayson in this chapter is talking about when he went university of california and he compare that why poeple not walking insited of they using a car. he he also point that of a good fact which is he mainchant that united statse of american mosly of them they dont walk.Brayson he convise the people should used walk because of that after three or four year letter on you may not a found any sidwalke. a government they biuld a lot of hightways and not look wat poeple mosly needed..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Everyone is Worried at Summary by Hanan Mohamed

Hanan Mohamed
Alyssa Francis
English 109.01
October 4, 2010
Summary of ‘’Why Everyone is Worried’’
The article ‘’ Why Everyone is Worried ‘’ by Bill Bryson appear in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself.
The point of article is to show reader why Bill Bryson trying to get the Pentagon Computer so much.
Bryson has many option how the CIA and the FBI are arrested people who do the wrong things and
doesn’t do any of them. Bryson explain the difference of CIA, FBI and police department like sheriff
the author illustrates he tells the happy and unhappy people explaining a recent to say ‘’ you can’t
expect people to keep track of their wars if they ‘re not getting reliable report from the field ‘’
Bryson is telling the wrongful arrest of Richard Jewell, the security guard it suspected of last year’s
bombing in Atlanta’s Olympic Park. Jewell , according of the FBI, planted the bomb and made a phone
call alerting authoritied, then reced a couple of mile in a minute or so in order to be back at the scene in
time to be a hero. Bryson also said ‘’it took FBI month to realize it had the wrong man.
The result of CIA and FBI arrest non reasonable.

Lost at the movies summary By Ahmed Dhere

Ahmed Dhere

Alyssa Francis

English 1090.1

October 4, 2010

The chapter “lost at the movies” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. Bryson in this chapter talks about privacy in America. He compares different methods companies use to spy on their employees. “It is perfectly legal indeed; it is evidently routine for the store to spy on you while you are trying on their clothes”. Bryson talks about this but he reads which is according to him full of alarming tales of ways that businesses and employers can and enthusiastically do intrude into what would normally be considered private affairs. “The business of changing cubicle spying came to light in 1983 when a customer trying on clothes in a department store in Michigan discovered that a store employee had climbed a stepladder and was watching him through a metal vent”. Bryson says nearly everyone in America is being spied in some way in America these days. In this chapter he talks about people and their experiences with being spied on and how they are compared. “In 1989, when an employee of a large Japanese-owned computer products company discovered that the company was routinely reading employees’ e-mail, even though it had assured the employees that it was not, she blew the whistle, and was promptly fired. She sued for unfair dismissal and lost the case. A court upheld the right of companies not only to review employees’ private communication but to lie to them about doing it”.

The numbers game Summary By Yusuf Ismail

Yusuf Ismail

Alyssa Francis

English 109.01

October 4, 2010

The Chapter “ the Numbers Game” appears in the book I’m a Stranger here myself” by Bill Bryson .The author provides how the U.S. economy is going downhill every second and the debt is increasing more and more. The congress will never cease giving a hand, recently voted to give the pentagon $11 billion more than it had asked for. $11 billion is a lot it. California has an economy worth $850 billion. The annual gross domestic product of the United States is $6.8 trillion. The federal budget is $1.6 trillion, the federal deficit nearly $200 billion. The America’s cumulative debt at last account, according to Time magazine, was slightly under $4.7 trillion. Well let’s try to grasp the concept of $1trillion. Imagine that you were in a vault filled with dollar bills and that you were told you could keep each one initialed. Let’s say you initialed one dollar bill per second and that you worked straight through without ever stopping. How long do you think it would take to count a trillion? It takes twelve weeks, two years and five.

If you initialed one dollar bill per second, you would make $1,000 every seventeen minutes. After 12 days of nonstop effort you would acquire your first $1 million. It would take you 120 days to accumulate $10 million and 1, 00 days something over three years to reach $100 million. After 31.7 years you might be as wealthy as bill gates. So imagine how long will it take you to calculate a “Trillions”, the U.S. are in a BIG debt.

The War on drugs

In the book I’m stranger here myself by Bill Bryson, wrote a good chapter about The War on Drugs. Bryson belives that we care more about people selling drugs or even people having them even if it was not theirs, then people who rape other people or people who have hurt others. He does not support drugs, but he is saying that we spend way too much money on something that is not getting better.
In this chapter he stated that the people in Texas turned down a proposal on building new schools but they said yes to building new prisons for people who a being convicted for drug charges. The drug bill was in its billions while the schools were in its thousands. Even if you did not know about having the drugs in your house the government will take everything even your house. Bill Bryson gave a lot of good facts in this chapter. Everything that was said was about a fact that he had learned.
Bills solution to this problem would be to spend the money they got and spend it on rehabilitation centers to get the people help. The prisons are getting too crowed and they are letting the wrong people out. People who raped someone is getting out before people who was found with drugs.

Friendly People

The chapter “friendly People” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. .He's telling that the people in New Hampshire, are freindly people.Bill Bryson starts the chapter off by writing an article about the modern American life, when Mrs. Bryson tells him that he complains too much. As he states that America has it good qualities but what It also has a friendliness atmosphere. He then talks about his move to New Hemisphere, a state in New England. He discusses how the people were very friendly to them from inviting them to dinner, to bringing them furniture’s, to people leaving their car door unlocked. Mr. Bryson discusses the difference there and New York. He finally concludes the reason why people are not as friendly as they should be is because of the reality of the real world. Some lady tells him clearly “Honey, you’re not in the real world any longer. You’re in New Hemisphere.”

Junk Food Heaven Summary By Yoonis Robleh

The chapter “Junk Food Heaven” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. Bill Bryson starts the chapter off by cleaning the refrigerator. Bill and his family never clean out the fridge; they put it in a box and send it to the centers for disease control. The reason behind the clean up was the cat has not been seen for a couple of days. Mr. Bryson declared to his wife he was going to go with her next time she is going to the supermarket. The reason for his sudden interest in the supermarket was because the food she bought was not American like. He was tired of eating healthy. Bill blames this on her being of English decent, thus not understanding the rich culture of American junk food. Bryson feels like he is in heaven. He was amazed with how many different kinds of cereal there was. Bill was shocked with the hundreds of types of cereal, especially the six different kinds of cookie cereal. He went on to say everywhere he turned he was something coated in sugar and very unhealthy. It seemed like most of the stuff there was junk food. Bill Bryson went through the store and noticed every time he turned his head he saw some new type of junk food. His wife allowed him to purchase everything he got but that was all she would allow him to eat. Nothing but junk food, and after a couple of days he was sick and tired of it. By the end of the chapter he was back to eating celery and Swedish bread. His opinion was that junk food has lost the taste and quality it once had. its very unhealthy and it is not worth it.

So Sue Me

The article "So Sue Me" can be found, along with many others, in Bill Bryson's book I'm a Stranger Here Myself. In this article he discusses that a lot of Americans try to find any reason they can to try to sue a person or company. He starts out by giving an example of what one of his friends in Britain went through. America sent the lead attorney and two assistant's from a case in America to Britain to talk to him just so they could charge the client more. He then goes on by telling us we have almost 800,000 lawyers, 300 for every 100,000 citizens while Britain has 82 and Japan has 11. He goes on to say that you can not sit down and watch television for 30 minutes with out seeing a commercial about a lawyer, which is completely true. He also incorporates a bunch of examples of how people got away with suing a company over stupid things such as parents trying to sue a high school baseball coach for benching their son claiming mental anguish and humiliation. He also talks about how we are paying more for all the things we buy because that company needs to make up for being sued. He gave examples of cars, football helmets, heart pacemakers, and even haircuts. In this article he is basically just stating that Americans love money and will try anything to get some even if it means taking it from an innocent company over something stupid or simple. This is why so many company's are spending money on settlements because its cheaper than being sued. He then goes on to say that "Allied with the idea that lawsuits are a quick way to a fortune, whether deserved or not, is the interesting and uniquely American notion that no matter what happens, someone else must be responsible" (Bryson 204).

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The Risk Factor

The article "The Risk Factor" by Bill Bryson is one of many articles written in his book I'm a Stranger Here Myself. The point of this article is to show why America is a more dangerous place to live than the United Kingdom.

In this article Bill reads a book called The Book of Risks: Fascinating Facts About the Chances We Take Every Day by Larry Laudan. This book really opens Bills eyes on the fact that Americans are twice as dangerous to themselves as Britons. He reads in the book about some things that can happen to people in the United States that just aren't possible to happen to people in Britain. Some of these things include natural disasters and animal attacks that wouldn't happen in Britain. However, the biggest risk in America comes from guns. He reads that there are 200 million guns in the US and every year 40,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds. Compared to the British rate of .4 gunshot deaths per 100,000 people in the UK, the US rate is 6.8 per 100,000. The last thing that Bill discusses in this article is the chance of getting lung cancer from being exposed to the smoke of others. Although the 1 in 30,000 risk of this happening sounds reasonably severe, he goes on to show that by eating one pork chop a week you are statistically more likely of getting cancer. Bills then argues, why ban smoking on the grounds of public safety when anyone can own a gun and drive around unbuckled.

Ah, Summer....

" Ah, Summer" is one of Bill Bryson's articels, in this article, he is talking about how summer berings out a lot of memories, and also the difference between England and America when it come to weather. How in England doesn't have that much of summer time. But in the other side, how Iowa is so hot in the summer. Then he talks about how houses in Iowa used to have screened porch, and now how it is hard to find houses that has screened porch. He also talks about memories when he was growning about in Iowa. Then a little story about a skunk that used to come in the screened porch and eats under the table.


This article "Room Service" by Bill bryson, is one of many articles that are in Bill's book I'm a stranger here myself. In this chapter Bill tells us how he is always excited to go to a hotel/motel and its the feeling of it that is the most important thing.
Bill tells us in his article that he just loves everything about motels, and tell us some stories of his childhood going to different motels and seeing how different each one is from the other one. He also tells how he was looking for a motel to go to with his children, so they could experience the same as he did. He thinks that a motel has its own character, and that the chain motels such as comfort In and Ramada are not as exciting as one that is individually owned. However, his children and wife disagree with him!

Summary on "Lost At The Movies"

The chapter "Lost At The Movies" is found in the book called I'm a Stranger Here Myself. The point of this chapter is to show readers that the old movie theaters have more history and value than the newer theaters.

Every year during the summer Bryson gathers up some small children and takes them to the movies. Bryson talks about how much money Americans spend at the movies between Memorial Day and Labor day. The Americans spend $2 billion on movie tickets and another half of that money is spent on the snacks you get before the movies (page 113). Bryson also talks about how some of the movies that come out in the summer are sometimes dumb. He talks about the movie Lost World within the first week of being out in the movies took in $92.7 million. Then Bryson starts to talk about how theaters in the 1960s used to be single screen theaters in downtown cities and how they used to smell like dead horses. Now we have a lot of tiny screening rooms, closer seats so more seats would fit in the room, bigger screens, the first three rows have to look straight up just to see the movie screen, the popcorn and candy are over priced, you have to sit through 30 mins of previews. Bryson believes that the movie complexes are trying to make us regret our experiences at the movies.