Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summary of " How To Have Fun At Home"

The article " How To Have Fun At Home" by Bill Bryson appear in the book I'm a Stranger Here Myself.

The point of the Article is to show readers how Bryson has fun at home. Bryson thinks it's very convenient to live in America. The garbage disposal is one of the wonderful things Bryson found in his house. Bryson never had a garbage disposal before. He put a chopstick in it to see how it works. he also tried other experiment with the garbage disposal. He found out the most exciting thing about garbage disposal is when it jams and he has to reach it and unclog it. After Bryson cleaned the fireplace ash pit, he want to go to basement for check if the ash pit is filling up. Bryson thought all American basemen are the same , and people don't always go down to the basement, for some reason, basement are spooky and scary. In the end of the article , Bryson remembers he never tried putting a juice carton in the garbage disposal, so he will try that later.

summary of Life in a cold climate

The article “Life in a cold climate” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself, he tried to prove it that even though the weather of New Hampshire is cold people still love it. The point of the article is to figure out how long he can stay outside with very cold temperature, and how much the people that live in New Hampshire like the weather.

This essay is about Bill Bryson, lives in a cold climate area, and enjoys this time of the year. He always likes to go outside without wearing appropriate outwear to keep warm. He has this unusual routine where he goes to the mail post dressed in summer clothing. Just so he can get his mail, and estimate how long it takes him to stand in the cold temperature. When he came back from the post box one day, and into his house he felt so cold that he half of his whole body was numb. One of the hardest thing about the city he lives in is that temperature goes below zero, in fact the record for New Hampshire was -46F below zero in 1925. On their spare time, the people of New Hampshire like doing outdoor activities such as skiing, ice skating, and sliding on local golf course. The people love the weather here and are adapted to it. This whole chapter basically talks about how a man test himself to see how long he can survive

Friday, October 1, 2010

SAMPLE Summary of "A Visit to the Barbershop"

The article “A Visit to the Barbershop” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. The point of the article is to show readers why Bryson hates going to the barbershop so much.

Bryson has very unruly hair. It rarely does what he wants it to in the first place. That, combined with many terrible hair cutting experiences, makes Bryson dread going to the barbershop. He feels powerless when he is at the barbershop; he is at the mercy of a person wielding scissors. The author illustrates his unluckiness and helplessness by explaining a recent hair cutting experience where his hair was cut by a barber-in-training who did not listen to Bryson’s request for just a little trim. Instead, the barber hacked away at his hair carelessly and gave him an embarrassing style. Bryson then mentions how the icing on the cake is having to pay for such a bad haircut and then having to go home to a wife who insults the new hairdo.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

abdi home is columbus, ohio
2. the last book i read was no impact man
3. my foavorite book i read is no impact man
4.i like writing but i believe i am not good at it and i like to learn.
5. i work full time five day a week and i go full time school.

Shopping Madness

Summary- Shopping Madness
The summary I am writing about is by Bill Bryson, it’s called Shopping Madness and it’s an article in the book I’m a Strange Here Myself. Bryson thinks that shopping clerks can be pushy, not around, or just not care.
In this article Bill points out that Americans plan their vacations around there shopping plans and that when people want to go visit the Grand Canyon they can go shopping near it too. Bryson talks about how there is retail anthropology, it can show where people are going to shop, how long they will stay, and if they are going to buy an item or walk out. It can also show the best ways to lure shoppers in by the color scheme, music, and the layout. He also said there are three types of stores. The stores where you can never find anyone when you need them, there are stores where there is a sales woman who won’t leave you alone until you try something on or buy it, and then there are stores where the person doesn’t care and will say aisle seven no matter what. In one of his situations his son was looking for a toy and couldn’t find anyone except one kid at the front desk and was piled up with people. When it was finally his turn in line he asked what aisle the toy was in and the kid said aisle seven without looking up. Sure enough the toy was not in aisle seven but in aisle two and it took him ninety minutes to find the toy.

Something about me (Fuad Omar)... enjoy..... the picture will be there soon.. thank u...

1. I've lived in a lot of different cities, but I believe that Hargeisa, Somaliland is where I blong and call it home.
2. The last book I read was called " How to become a millionaire".
3. I really don't have a favorite book yet, but I am looking forward to read a book called " Long walk to freedom" by Nelson Mendela.
4. Something that I experiences with writing is that I enjoy more writing about facts or true stories.
5. Something about me is that I like to meet new people and I get along easily. I also like watching sport, I play basketball and I lift weights too.

Here i am..

1. Home is a place I can fell free where I can open up to my family and younger siblings I also feel that home is a place you can always count on.
2. The last thing I read was NO Impact Man.
3. My Favorite book is The Great Gatsby
4. I’ve been writing for quite some time now and its sort of fun and exciting when you put your feelings and your perspective of certain things on a piece of paper. It becomes more than couple of words and turns to something powerful instead of insignificant.  
5. There’s a lot to know about me, for example I’m the type that speaks from their mind, when I see something wrong I don’t wait around for people to notice it rather I say it allowed. I’m also very friendly and easy to get around with others.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is me ;)

1. Where's home to you? Because I've moved a lot in my life I've realized that home to me is where I feel comfortable/safe, with friends and family surrounding me.

2. What was the last thing you read? The last thing I read was the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws

3. What's your favorite book? My favorite book is Holes by Louis Sachar.

4. Tell us something about your experiences with writing. hmm, I think the only thing I could say is that for the most part I do enjoy writing especially for English class.

5. What else should we know about you? I LOVE languages!!! I don't know its something about languages that catches me and I can't really explain it! <3>

1. Home to me is my house in Sunbury, where i live with my parents.

2. The last book that i read was our common book No Impact man.

3. My favorite book that I have read was No Impact Man because it gave alot of interesting facts and I could not believe that someone would actually try and live their life like how Colin did.

4. My experiences with writing are sometimes good. I usually can write about one topic then I end up getting stuck and dont know what to write next.

5. I work at Ruby Tuesdays & I love watching football

self introduction ahmed dhere

1. Home to me is Columbus Ohio I've lived here for11 years. most of myfamily live in Columbus Ohio. i also have alot of friends that live here.

2. the last book i read was No Impact Man. its was a very interesting book. it made me realize that we need to take more care of our environment. it was an eye opener.

3. my favorite book is the HOLY QURAN.

4. i love writing its a way for me to express the way i feel and my opinon. i like writing with knowledge and emotion. for example when i writing formal. i aslo like like writing to my friends texting make me take my emtion out.

5. i was born in somalia. i imagrated to america "the land of oppertunities". its a blessing for me to be and i charish each and every moment that i live in great country.


my is columbus ohio i move three two ago and befor that i was in kentucky. the last book i read is no impact man. my favorited is jackson by jackson blackeis. my experince with writing not that much but hoping lear more and become better writer. i'm from africa specailly somali and i move here when i was 15 and so far living in ohio is best

Monday, September 27, 2010

1.Home to me is Columbus, Ohio. I move here three year ago, and i like to live here.
2.The last book i read was No Impact Man
3. My favourite book is Romance Of Three Kingdom.
4. I alway have trouble on writing, I spend more time than other to finish a eassy.
5. I like to play and watch sport, i also like watch movie and cooking.

self intruduction,Hanan

1.Home to me is Columbus, Ohio. I've have move here five years ago with my parents.
2. The last book that i read was No Impact Man.
3.My favorite book that i always love to read is ''Holly Quran''(The Holly book). My second favorite book i like to read was ''Bluford Series''. It has lots of difference books, but the one i like to read most is ''Summer Secrets'' by Paul Langan.
4.My experience with writing are pretty much good sometimes. Somehow when i write it get stuck end of topic and i don't know what to do next.
5.I like to watch sport like NBA, basketball when i don't have work. I also like to clean and cook, af course cooking is what the girls does most.

Questions about me!

1) my parents house is what i concider home!
2)NO impact man was the last book i have read
3)twilight is my favorite book to read
4)i love to write but i am bad at grammer!!!!
5) i have had open heart surgery when i was little

Self Introduction

1. Home to me is Hilliard, Ohio. My family and I moved there when I was born from dublin. I have lived in the same house all my life.
2. The last thing I read was No Impact Man for school. It wasn't that bad of a book but it is not one i would read without having to.
3. My favorite book is Fallen Angels. It was one of the few books that I have read without having to and actually liked it.
4. I tend to not have a problem with writing now that I have gone through high school. I took a few classes where we only wrote papers and the rest we wrote a couple papers through out the year.
5. I have been wakeboarding for 6 or 7 years now and I love it. It is a good way to clear my head and just have fun. I also have a love for cars, mine is my hobby and where all my money goes.

Sarah Jacobs- Introduction

Home to me is in Marysville, Ohio where i was born and raised.

The last thing i read was I'm a Stranger Here Myself our first English assignment.

I don't have a favorite book but my favorite category is mystery books.

I dont have much experiences with writing. I usually only write for an assignment.

Any extra information about me is that i have a twin sister named Emily. I played volleyball in high school and i love football!

Self Introduction

1. Home to me is my hometown of Dublin, Ohio. I have lived in Dublin my entire life and all my family and friends are there.
2. The last thing I read was I'm a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson
3. My favorite book would have to be The Adventures of Tom Sawyer just because I've read it many times since I was a kid and always have enjoyed it.
4. The only writing that I usually do is required papers for a class. However, when I was in the sixth grade I played in an international hockey tournament in Quebec City. I was told that I should write about my experince, so I wrote a journal entry every night for the 10 days I was at the tournament.
5. I love playing sports and started on the varsity hockey team at Dublin Coffman High School all four years that I was there.


1. i've lived a lot different places but now my home is Columbus ohio.
2. the last book i read this year was no impact man book.
3. my favorite book that i read this year is harry potter
4. i like writing something but i don't like essay
5. i always try to learn something new
Hilliard Ohio is my home because i have lived here for most of my life and have been raised there and grew up there.
The last book i read was Things Fall Apart this was about ancient Africa and it was interesting to see how people lived in those times.
My favorite book is Holes by Louis Sacher.
My experience with writing is that i don't enjoy it but i always try to perfect it so i can get a better grade.
I am from Africa i have lived there from when i was born to when i was 6 or 7 years old.