Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Money And Its Evil Charecteristics

People always say " money is the root of all evil". But you have to look at both sides of the argument. Money is not the only root of evil. There is other sources of motivation like jealously, greed, lust etc. But money is by far the largest root. Have you noticed that money is incorporated into a lot of our daily activities? We go to college to get a degree so we can get a job. We work to support ourselves. Money motivates people to unimaginable lengths . People kill each other for money, some rob for money, and others all over this world steal from each other . I believe money should not make you go againest your morals or personal ethics . It shouldn't change who you are or make you do things you usually would not do. Just think about it. You will be amazed when you realize how much of your day goes to money.

How the Economy is doing

I am tired of those people complaining about the economy is not getting better, well those jerks are just not trying to find jobs at all. There are jobs opening everywhere people get up and look for it, the job will not come to you, you have to go look and compete for it.

There are a lot places that are hiring such as Walgreen's and many more. If you can't get job in one place then look from another place you just have to keep looking for it and you will find a job. Just don't give up.

Big Fairs, Big fun, Big money

when it come to fairs they can be really expensive. you have to pay for everything you do. you have to pay to get in, pay to eat, pay to ride rides, and even to just have fun. fairs are a lot of fun but by the end of the day you can be broke! people never really see how much they spend at fairs until all their money is gone. i dont think it is right beacuse it is a place that brings the community together. A place to have fun and hang out with family and friends. i think the fair should lower their prices so more people can go and not worry about their money situation!

United States immigrants

im sick and tierd of people that think immigrants are not treated very well in america. the united states offers many different kinds of help to the poor and the needy. despite that there are many that think that think we need to do more. what the hell is going on. we americans expect everything to be perfect. thats not how life works. we need to support the efforts of our nation and move on. stop making immigration a big deal its really not. america is the nation of immigrants.


So, why can't we find a cure for diabetes for so long, even when we have a new develop technologies...?? that's a good question,, maybe it's a business,, so other people can make money out of those who need medical for diabetes..

if that's the case,, are we going to let them die slowly,, because they will die at the end no matter what... and while they dying,, others are just having a really big smile because of how much they got in their banks... WOW what a life..
I think now is about the time we stop being greedy, and help others. By searching harder for a cure. of cause we have the new technologies,, why not finding a solution for diabetes.....?

East, West, North, and .... what was the last one???

Ever thought why new smart phones have apps that we usually dont use but need such as the compass or GPS? I've noticed that we rely on GPS/ Iphones to tell us the directions and if someone came up to us and asked us if we knew where North East was, we wouldnt know how to answer. It is important to know where South, West, East, and North is so we could get to our destinations faster and never get lost if our GPS broke, however, until this day few people know where it is.
This is a vid to teach us how to tell directions without a GPS/ Compass!

( My goal is to save myself a whole lot of time and just know where North, East, South, West is so I dont get lost on the OSU campus when I transfer to the main campus! )

Live in somalia

Life in Somalia is very hard at this time because Somalia has had problems in past 20 years. Somalia was war place since 1990 and nobody want help Somalia even poeple in United States. people in United States should intersting helping in Somali because they have number one strongest country in the world today. As we heard everyday people are dying in Somalia because of war, that is normal life in Somalia and killing people is not something normal as we know. Many somalis came to United States and other countries to safe thier life and im one of them, i came to United States to safe my life.

competitive golfing

You think that golf is not competitive? Well then you have obviously never played a round of golf before. The sport of golf can make you more upset with yourself then any other sport. Golfers throw there clubs, throw there balls, and even snap their clubs into two. One guy even beat his club on his head until it was completely bent in half. Golf can turn even the calmest person into a mad man. Missing a putt from just a few feet away always causes a few swear words to be screamed. So if you think that golf is just an excuse for people to wear goofy pants, then you have to try the sport out for yourself.

Why take it out on us?

Most people think that working in a kitchen and being a hostess are easy. Well they are wrong they are two different jobs that both are difficult. The main thing is you have to please people in both jobs. Lack of effort in these jobs can result in a big angry mob of people. When working outside of the kitchen you work up close with the angry, rude and snotty people and when you are inside the kitchen you do not have to deal with the snotty, angry, and rude people. One thing that i can not stand is when people send back their food because, they are missing a slice of cheese so, you know what we do we stick it on another plate for them. Most of the time they tend to call us out and take our anger out on us directly.

"cell phone driving"

"cell phone driving" is one of the big problem cause crash, it will reduce the drive reaction while they holding the cell phone. because talking on cell phone while driving will reduce the driver's reaction, so that may be cause the driver fail to stop, or cross on the red light.look at that guy on the picture, he is probably talking to his girl friend, but he never know there is potential accident while he doing that. " cell phone dring" is also a activity to challege the police , you may thought is very fun to do that, but you would never beat the police, the picture on the right is show that guy got catch while he talking to his girlfriend. "cell phone driving is not only affect the driver safety, but also the other driver's safety.

Difference countries can learn one goal education for all

All education it's a same but the way people learn is difference. Education depent way you want to learn. It can be preffesional learn. People learn in different ways. And no one has a better learning style than anyone else.The notion of the people from different cultural backgrounds have different styles of learning seems so reasonable, so intuitively sensible, that it is hard to believe that it is just not true.Because different cultural groups have different cognitive strengths does not mean that teachers should narrowly match their teaching styles to these patterns of abilities. Such an approach to education would be destructive.Learning educational is a making changes in one's knowledge, skills, values, and world views . The idea is helpful when it reminds teachers to expand the ways in which they teach. to pay attention to individual children and to the ways life is lived in different communities. Education is what everyone in the world needs to learn.Difference country's can learn one goal of education for all.

The Wendys Experience

Going to Wendy's for some people is an occasional thing and for other people it is an every day event. When you make it an every day event the money starts to add up and the greasy foods you eat every day starts to show too. Wendy's might have a value menu but that doesn't mean that everything will be a value. The combo menu prices are around five to six dollars. When you buy a six dollars meal everyday for seven days you would spend forty two dollars just for your lunch in one week. Each meal has that you get would be around one thousand calories too, this includes the sandwhich, fries, and a soda. So that would be 7000 calories in one week just for your lunch! In the end Wendy's should be an occansional thing and not an everyday event.