Monday, November 15, 2010

better understand

The movie autism: the musical helped me understand Christopher in the curious incident of the dog in the night time. After I watched I realized that Christopher and how he is different from the other kids. While I was watching the movie I can see that the different characters from each kids. Christopher is more likely hennery in the movie hennery was smart kid. Is a kind of who can create thing and wasn’t like loud noise. In the book Christopher didn’t like touching if someone Christopher he would punch. Christopher he more like math. And hennery he more dinosaur. When I was reading the book I didn’t knew that Christopher. Were kid who have autism but knowledge and smart kids who writing a book thanks to the movies. it bteer understad autism kid can do the norman person and live theor own worl.


after watching the movie u have a better understanding on chrtistophers point of view and why he acts in certian ways. one major thing i've learned was that autistic children dont understand alot of the things that regular people consider normal. i didnt know that autistic children have many difficulty understanding people and things that would seem normal to us. christopher has similar difficulties as the children in the film. for example its hard for him to understand people emotions and understanding them. the film shows that autism is a reality and we have to deal with it. one of kids who name was adam i really liked him. Adam is really smart and adorable he reminds me of my little brother. the film does an exellent job showing the viewer what autism is and how to deal or react to it. I've learned alot and im greatful to god for my health.

after the movie Autism: The Musical

The movie Autism: The Musical help me understand more about Christopher and what autism people's thinking. The movie showing us a real story for autism and what problem autism people facing. It telling us much more detail about autism than the Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time . Before i watch the movie, i don't understand Christopher's behaviour in the book. After Christopher heard his mother died in hospital , he didn't cry ,sad or showing any emotion; he just accepted the fact of his mother dead.Many autism kids have them own difficult. There are many autism kids in the movie, i found that Henry and Neal are like to live in their own world. Henry was smart and he like animal. sometime, he even pretend he was animal. That just like Christopher, Christopher like to spend time on math and science, he is also living in his own world. After i watched the movie, i had learn more about autism. Just like Christopher ,many autism kids have behavior problem, some autism kid hate noise, so they like to stay on the corner and cover them ear. This movie help me understand more about Christopher's character and his behaviours.

Autism : a Better Look

After watching the movie Autism: the Musical, I got a better understand about Autism, and I can make a visual picture for the character Christopher in the Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The documentary showed us how Autistic kids interact with regular people. They all like being in their own world, where there is no one to bother them. Before the movie I just thought Christopher was just a weird child, and I didn’t understand why he had a lack of emotion. For example when Christopher was talking about his mother and how she was dead, he was speaking of her like she was never his mother. He got straight to the point and said she died of a heart attack.

Christopher and the kids in the documentary have some similarities in common. For example Henry had a great deal of knowledge about dinosaurs that most people would not have. In Christopher’s case, his obsession is math and numbers. Neal is very quiet but like Christopher he throws temper tantrums. In the story, “Siobhan asked whether Father had hit me and I said I didn’t know because I got very cross and it made my memory go strange.” This shows how Chris had such a bad tantrum he blanks out and forgets everything. Also, the documentary showed how children with autism tend to be lonely and they go off in their own world. All of the kids had a place to get away from everything. Now I got a better understand why Christopher would sometimes go to his own world. But in the end, the documentary opened my eyes really helped my understand Christopher and his actions.

Christopher and Other Autistic Children!

After watching the movie on autistic kids, it did help me to understand Christopher more. In the movie it showed us that not every kid is the same. They are all talented in their own way. Elaine took a lot of children with autism in to do a musical with them. No one thought she could do it, but she was willing to prove them wrong. Lexi was very talented. She loved to sing, but she was an autistic kid. When she would get excited she would jump up and down and clap her hands. No matter what though Lexi never gave up singing. Christopher was also like this when it came to finding out who killed the dog. Henry in the movie was a very smart kid, but he was only smart, but he was only smart when it came to pre historic times. This is just like Christopher because he was also smart but in the math and science area. Christopher also didn’t like when people were loud. A lot of the kids in the movie were the same way. Adam was one of the kids who did not like loud noises. He would cover his ears just like Christopher would. Not all kids are like Christopher though. Wyatt was a very open kid. He loved to talk and he would go on for hours if you let him. This movie showed us that children with autism are not all the same, but people should treat them the same. Just because a child might have autism does not mean they can’t do what they put their minds to. All of these children proved this in their own way at the musical!

Understanding after movie

After the movie Autism, the musical helped me understand that Christopher have the kind of symptoms that the kids in the movie have. By watching the movie, I understand more about how people or with Autism feels. It also shows the way it makes a person behave. Some of the kids are in their own world, such as Henry in the film, living in his own little world in the film, and they way that Christopher described in the book. I think they both had the same action. Christopher didn’t like be touched, and some of the kids had the same feeling about that. Watching that movie helped me understand how people with the Autism symptoms would feel, and how they are living in their own little world sometimes. It also helped me understand more about Christopher in his book.

very good understanding!

The film of Autism: The musical help me to understand Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time so goodly. The movie has show me lots a real story of autism that might compared form the book of Christopher and the film of Autism. In the movie of autism kids has lot struggle of their brain problem. In the film there is a boy name Henry he reminded us much about the Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Henry in the film and Christopher in the book has most alike actions because they both are intelligent in their own way and they both are in their world. In the film of Autism Henry always wanted to make a friend who can talk to them and share what is his opinion. Christopher in the book he feels like he interesting animal like a dog, rats. Christopher also is good at Math and science subjects. In the book chapter (Haddon 71) ‘’I’m not meant to call them stupid, even thought this is what they are’’. Because everyone has learning difficulties to speak difference language. In the chapter Christopher was trying to prove that he is not meant to everyone or stupid. All what he said is proving his grade higher Math level and Christopher was smart when it came to that subject math and science. I also understand that Christopher does not like spend most of his time with the people because he likes to spend his time with computer and dogs. Both the film and book are alike but you can compare the characteristic Christopher and Henry in the movie.

After watching Autism: The Musical I feel like I have a pretty good visual of Christopher now. I noticed a lot of characteristics of Christopher described in the book throughout the kids in the movie. It is almost as if Christopher has one symptom from each kid in the movie. He doesn’t like loud sounds like a couple kids in the movie and he also doesn’t like being touched like some kids in the movie. The one thing I really noticed was how the kids would go into their own world like Christopher. It is almost as if the author watched this movie and based Christopher off a part of all the kids in the movie. There was not one kid in the movie that I couldn’t relate to Christopher. One of the characters I thought really related to Christopher was Henry. Henry was very knowledgeable when it came to reptiles and he would go into his own world. Christopher is the same exact way just with math and science. Henry would use his knowledge of reptiles to go into his own world and act like a reptile. Christopher used math and science to go into his own world and make him happy. One thing I noticed in Lexi was that she could really only repeat things and could not generate her own ideas or words. This is kind of like Christopher because he can’t exactly tell a lie he just leaves things out. He also has a very good memory because he can repeat things. Watching this movie was definitely a good idea because I have a much clearer picture of who Christopher really is now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Better understanding Christopher

After watching the documentary Autism: The Musical I now have a much clearer image of how Christopher is different from others. While I was watching the movie I could see different characteristics from each kid that were talked about with Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A lot of the kids in the film disliked loud noises and that is kind of like Christopher and being touched. When he is touched he feels violated and starts to hit the person touching him. Henry, from the movie, loved to talk about reptiles and he knew pretty much everything about them. His memory was very good and he was very smart because of it. This helped me see how Christopher too is very smart because of his amazing memory. I think Henry would agree with Christopher that their minds work like a computer. The film also shows how hard it is for kids with autism to be accepted by the other kids and how big of a struggle it is for their parents to take care of them. In a way I guess I can see how Christopher's mom just couldn't take it anymore. She obviously still cares about him because of all the letters and now I can understand how hard it must be for Christopher to be on his own trying to get to her. Thanks to the movie I will have a much better understanding of the character Christopher for the remainder of the book.

Good understanding after movie

I really understand who Christopher is after I watched the movie. Before I watch the movie I have picture who Christopher is. But now I really know who he is. He was a special kid who was autistic, live in his own world, and we see many kids that have same problem as him in the movie. I never heard this problem and I never seen anybody that has autism. But the question I ask my self is, if we have this problem of autism, how come the Doctors around the world didn’t find medicines for those children that have autistic because this is really big problem. We learn something new every day! When we where reading the book I thought this story was a made up story because I never heard of people have autism and they live in their own world. But when I watch the movie and I see all those kids that have autism, I realize that this problem is not something the author just made it up but it’s a problem that many people around the world have. So my conclusion is the book and the movie is the same, both of them talk about kids that have autism. But the main character of the book is a kids that has autism, and the movie is people that made project for many kids that have autism.

Help to better understand Christopher

The movie Autism: The Musical helped me understand Christopher in many ways. Each kid in the movie had their own unique styles that I think Christopher related too. Henry is just like Christopher in a way of knowing a lot of information or having a lot of knowledge about a certain subject. For Henry it was dinosaurs and for Christopher it was math. These two subjects for Henry and Christopher were like an escape from the world and they became comfortable with themselves. Neal is more quiet than the rest he tends to have bad tantrums and I think that’s how he and Christopher are similar. “Siobhan asked whether Father had hit me and I said I didn’t know because I got very cross and it made my memory go strange.” This shows that like Neal, Christopher has bad tantrums to the point that he can’t even remember what happened because he blanks out. Wyatt and Christopher to the point that Wyatt doesn’t want to be in a Special Ed class for being afraid of being different and Christopher what I think Christopher proves in a way that he isn’t special because he does so well in his math classes. Adam and Christopher are more different than they are alike. I think this because Adam likes playing with kids and is occasionally is bossy. Christopher doesn’t like to play with other people, but they both don’t like very loud noises. Watching this movie helped to better understand what Christopher’s parents had to go through almost every day. In the beginning they weren’t sure how to teach or care for an autistic kid but learned to adapt and find better ways of teaching and caring for Christopher.