Saturday, November 13, 2010

I think that the film gives a real life story of autism that you might not get from the book. The book is good at explaining how good autistic kid is at writing a book and shows how their minds work. In the movie it shows how Henry goes into his own world just like Christopher does when he is on the train to his mother's house. I believe that Henry is very much like Chris, they both go into their own worlds, they are very knowledgeable about certain things, they do not like a lot of people in one area at one time. Both boys are in special classes but they are very knowledgeable to be in regular classes but their schools will not let them be with normal kids. Autistic kids have a very good memory at times, for example in the book Chris is out in the country with his family for the weekend and he counts how many cows he sees and how many miles it is from town to town. In the book he can remember the date of when they went out into the countryside.

Friday, November 12, 2010

   The film of Autism: the Musical helps me understand a lot about the character Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The film showed us how an autism child behavior with other people; and they also like to be left in their own world. In the being of the book I did not understand why Christopher would act the way he does. For example the when Christopher was have a discussion about his mother dead he was talk about her like she was not even his mother. I was think if I was him I couldn’t think I would able talk about my mother the way Christopher does. Christopher was just give us the fact how his mother had heart attack. I was think Christopher was not normal child, because he was lacking of emotions when it came to his own mother dead. The film helps me to see more about Christopher character come to life. I can say all the kids that are in the film have some kind comparable to Christopher character. For example Henry has a passion for dinosaurs, for Christopher it will be math and numbers. I can also see Neal character in Christopher because they both have behavior problem. Wyatt also has the same kind of behavior as Christopher, for example when Wyatt was talk about his classmate and how he do not like being in class with them. It illustrate his lacked of emotions same as Christopher character. Now I understand why Christopher character do the things he do, and how it’s not weird to me anymore.

Send Christoper to the musical!

The movie Autism: The Musical helped me understand Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time much better. I saw Christopher in more than one character. The first character that remind me of Christopher was Henry. Henry was cute but he has an obsession over Dinosaurs and he knew almost everything about them. He always spoke about Dinosaurs. Christopher didn’t speak much about Dinosaurs, but he spoke about math, stars, science, and things that an average person would never think about or know. I feel Henry and Christopher are alike because they are both gifted and intelligent. The second character from the movie that reminded me of Christopher was Neal. When Neal was at the park he pulled a little boy, and the boy fell and hurt himself. In the book, Christopher tells us about an incident where he hurts a girl and she had to go to the hospital. Also in the movie Neal gets a bit upset when his mother was laughing because he thought she was laughing at him. Christopher too does not like when people laugh at him as he says in chapter 67. Also Christopher doesn’t like looking at people’s faces when he is talking to them, like both Neal and Henry (chapter 67). The movie made me want to work with autistic children and help them. It also made me look at Christopher in another way. He is just a child that is lost in a big world. I still can’t believe that the author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is not autistic!