Monday, October 18, 2010


my paper was about the reasons why the current president couldnt and probalably cant help the economy all by him self. the problem has been going on for at least 20 something years now and the past presidents have contributed to this and and now he is expected to fix it in 4 years or it will be over for his reputation. i believe that he took the hardest job in the world becasue of the fact that he has a alot to do in so little time. he had to try and fix the health insurance issue, the housing market isssue, and the stock market and on top of all this he had to worry about the the oil leak in the gulf and this just added to the work load he was given.

Broken Wing

 As  As humans we tend to judge people by own standards, if we want people to accept us, a lot of time we unconsciously measure others and see if they are like us. We never look beyond the picture we see a lot of times. For example if there is a handicap in our class, the majority of us won’t associate with him/her and the ones that do associate with them a lot of times do it out of kindness not because they sincerely want to know the individual. From my own experience living with my brother I learned that there’s more to what we see. As humans we should think more deeply of people and how they are. If there’s a person you know who isn’t like you, maybe he doesn’t have a leg, arm, or eye don’t judge him automatically and put him aside rather get to him, you never know he could be the friend you’ve always wanted.  My experience with my little brother taught me that they are people out there who isn’t like me and that I shouldn’t judge people from how they look like. Would you want someone to judge you when you need help?

It will Always be Someone Else's Fault.

How often do you either hear someone put the blame on someone else for their own mistakes or you yourself blame someone else? Either of which sadly happen with all of us at some point or more in our lives, whether it's either one or both. Yes, it is right to stand up for our own mistakes but you know people will be more lenient to just drop the blame on someone else to make them look better. I always think of times that could of been different if I didn't have to do something for someone else or if someone wasn't there and so on. It just runs through my head but I don't go to the extent of fully putting the blame on someone else, at least not anymore. I think that we get this so called "trait" in our childhood. How many times can you think of when you saw two kids arguing saying it's each other's fault. Unfortunately there are still some people out there that still don' t know that it is wrong for some lord only knows reason. People will always be getting blamed in our society for things they don't do. Whether they get away with it or not it is still wrong in my book.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Living in united state is the mostly great country in the world. When I coming this country I was so excited. But when u see how life is different I never thought that I will not got school bus while I’m in the united state. When u live out the country and when u hears about how people complain u will though that what people went because they are in and they should said than god. But that was my idea before I come to this country. Now I got the point that they was talking about. Living in the united state and not having school was my experience.