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November 28, 2010

The film The Station Agent is about this guy name Fin who lives in Newfoundland, New Jersey. He inherited the house. Fin is a little guy and he will get a lot of criticism for being little but he doesn't care about that. Fin loves trains and always loved to be a train chaser. Fin loved trains for a while and he would love to be a train chaser so bad but he didn't got the chance to be a train chaser for a long long time because of he doesn’t own a camera. To be a train chaser you have to have a camera to record the trains while you are chasing it and then you would be considered a train chaser. There is a lady name Olivia Harris. Olivia Harris and Fin became friends after she tried to gave Fin a ride to the convenience store twice but felled to control her vehicle because she spilled a hot coffee in her thighs and instead she almost ran him both times. Fin likes to be along and not mess with but Olivia kept talking to him and she wanted to apologize him and become friends with him. They will soon become friends. There is also another guy name Joe he has a truck next to Fin's house that sales coffee and food and some other stuff. Fin and Joe will get to know each other and they will soon also became friends, matter fact Fin, Joe, and Olivia all three of them will became friends. They will get together sometimes and have dinner or a coffee. One day Fin would told Olivia and Joe that he loves to be a train chaser but never had the chance to became one because he doesn't own a camera. Olivia will buy a camera as gift for Fin so he can be what he always loved, to be a train chaser. After Fins receives the camera him and Joe will chased a train with Joe's tuck and record the train that they chased. All three of them would become a close friends and one day they will spent the day together. Fin, Joe will sleep over at Olivia's house. Olivia's ex husband came back to the house to visit Olivia but he find out that two guys sleeping at the house and Olivia still love her ex husband. There would be a lot chaos. All three will break apart but in the end they will come back together and become close friends once again.

The Station Agent

In the film The Station Agent, one of the main characters is named Finbar McBride. Fin has a deep love for trains and almost treats them as if they were is friends. He works at a train shop, called the golden spike, and he lives in an apartment right next to the shop. This is Finbars home. There is no other place that he can call his home and he lives and works with what he loves. His friend and boss at the train shop, named Henry, dies unexpectedly and Fin is told that that the train hobby shop will be closed down. He also learns that Henry had left him a half acre piece of land with an old abandoned train station. Finbar decides to take residence in this old station and live in peace. In my opinion, Finbars real home was back at the train shop with Henry and now that it's closed down his home is the station in which he lives. However, it will never take the spot of his real home.

the Station Agent

The Film " The Station Agent" take place New found land NJ. Finbar is the main character along with his best friend Joe. Joe and Finbar always hang out. Finbar enjoys Trains and loves to watch them and see the. on the other hand Joe sell ice cream and certain foods. Finbar meet Olivia and they become good friends and enjoy each other company. Going back to the beginning of the film Finbar inherites a small half acre land. His good friend Henry dies and leaves the Station for Finbar. In this interesting film i learned how certain people feel and what people go through when they cant fit into normal society. As the movie goes on we see Finbar go through alot of tough trials and tribulations, for example a young gril asks him to come to her school and grive a talk about trains. Finbar refuses and later agrees and kids start making fun of his hight. Olivia, Joe and Finbar become good friends and begin to hangout with each other untill they get angry with each other and later make up. Finbar loves trains and likes to watch them. Joe and Finbar enjoy each others company. they do all sorts of activities together, like train chasing and talking smoking. Finbar in the is very quite and does not like taking he has low self esteme and people make fun of him beacuse his hight. he is around 4ft 6 inches, he spends most of his time either watching trains or hanging out with Olivia and Joe. I really liked this film. I am greatful for alot of the things which many people take granted for.

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It is very an interesting film within its possess means, a relatively easy and attractive film regarding solitude, being unlike and thoughtful, all cover up in more the 80 minutes of exciting storytelling. I did enjoy the movie, but I wasn't as in use through it as nearly all detractors.
The act Joe is completely very funny. I expect we many more of Bobby Cannavale in prospect movies for the reason that he curved out the doubtful Joe, and Olivia in such a method that offer the show magnificent time. This is shoukd describe pictures. It had a related impact on me that throw sharp edge, but among fewer of an obvious and clear touching shock
It contains many of plusses, the drama the font, but there were also amazing omitted for me and I would advocate that you would watch it.

The Station Agent : Finbar

The movie The Station Agent, takes place in New found land, NJ. There are four main characters; Finbar, Olivia, Henry Styles and Joe. They all have their own personal problems. But the main character Finbar stood out to me the most. Finbar who is four foot five inches tall works at a train shop with his friend and boss, Henry. At the beginning of the story we see Finbar has very low self esteem. The reason for this is because people look down on him, they see him as a midget and not a man. In the beginning of the movie Finbar lives in a small apartment near his job. But with the sudden death of his close friend and boss Henry, Finbar is left with an inheritance of one half acre of land in the small town of Newfoundland, New Jersey. Fin moves there and takes up residence in an abandoned train station on the property. To fin home goes from being a physical state to a emotional state.

There as he lives in his new house he meets Joe, a fun guy who sells food next to where Fin lives. We see that at the beginning of the story Fin doesn’t like Joe that much, but we learn that as the story goes on; Joe and Fin become very good friends. Home was a physical state to Fin. But as the movie went along home became an emotional state. In this movie we see the importance of having a home, because most of the characters get away from there old life and want to start a new one. He knew a lot about train stations so his home was perfect being near a train station. In a way you could say Finbar was really close with his trains. He liked them more than people because people would look at him with mean looks and say mean remarks. During the movie, a young girl named cloey asked Fin to teach her class about trains and his first response was no. In the end he ended up going in and talking about trains because that was favorite thing to talk about. Even though he didn’t want people thinking he was weird. In the end, Finbar knows what it feels like to have a home and caring friends . He doesn’t have to feel lonely anymore.

The Station Agent

This movie, The Station Agent, is very interesting movie. The main character of the movie is Fin McBride. He lives in his own house, and doesn’t like talking to other people very often. He is a single, and he didn’t have kids. His house is everything to him, and he don’t feel like he missing anything because he has his big house. He doesn’t like talking to people that much because when first time Joe Aramas met him the front of his house he asked him do you live here?, and Fin answer him back yes and after when Joe ask couple questions, finally Joe asked Fin can I come in the house and drink with you? And he answer him back no then Joe said maybe next time right? Fin shut the door and said while he was shutting door he said yes. So that’s showing us how much Fin love is house and didn’t want share with nobody. He always at his house except when he goes to shopping or when he goes outside and walking train road. Fin loves watching trains and he loves reading books about trains, and he knew a lot about trains. But the thing I don’t understand until now is that if Fin loves is house that much and he even like his house more then he love the people why he doesn’t have a bed to sleep and he sleep at the coach? I really don’t get that because if I like my house I would get everything and bed will be the first one I would get. So that’s show me he different from us because we didn’t love our house like they way he love and even though we didn’t like our house like that we do have beds to sleep.

Fin McBride

In the movie The Station Agent the character the most stood out is the main character Fin McBride. Fin was always looking down by all kinds of people. Everyone sees him as the short little man rather than just man. Whenever he goes anyplace everyone looks that him weird and say mean common about him. After Fin best friend die at shop unexpectedly, Henry had give Fin rural property with abandon depot on it, In Newfoundland, New Jersey. After few days Fin moves to his new house. Even thought Fin had new town everyone still looks at him weird and also say mean common about because he is dwarf. Fin meats Olivia and Joe who are ones of the main characters. Joe and Olivia will become impotent people in Fin life. We first meet Joe who is conversational guy. Joe sells foods in a truck right next to the depot were Fin lives. Than we meat Olivia, who also most run over Finbar McBride with her car. Twice. Fin likes to read, and talk about trait. He enjoys watching and reading about trains. After Meat Olivia and Joe, Fin becomes really close friends. In begging of the movie home was physical state, for all the characters. Olivia comes to their vacation house after her son, Sam die. For it was all about start new life for himself, and for Joe want to get away from his father illness and what his father was going though. In end of the movie we see that home is emotional state, rather than physical place for all the characters

The Station Agent

In the movie The Station Agent there's a lots characteristics special Fin McBride is the short, little man who always goes through life getting mean common and weird looks. He like to talk about traits, one day Fin move to the train depot and he plan to living with his own. While living Fin McBride by himself, he knows more about trains. Joe Aramas and Olivia Harris was friend of Fin. Joe is the hot dog selling guy he like to have friend with Fin, but Mr. McBride doesn’t seem open person. He's quiet person who always wake's up early in the morning and walks all the way train stations. Fin McBride stays isolated in an apartment above his traits store where he used to work in the back ways from customer while other people's working front. Other characteristics in the movie Olivia Harris was lady who live by herself she doesn't like having people in her house because of her husband when he left her she don't answer any phone ringing she also lost her son she interact the people over them. Joe Aramas and Olivia show them that they care about Fin McBride about his feeling. Sharing the same feeling about trains as his friend Joe and Olivia was before it show him it really makes him feel more better what he was before it show him that he does have a home not only all the emotional state he has. Throughout the movie every characteristics is trying to figuring out who they really are.

The Station Agent

Fin in the movie “The Station Agent” was a very unique person. He was a midget and because of that he didn’t really like to be around people. People would stop and stair at Fin and even take pictures of him, because of how tall he was. He would try and do everything by himself even though people tried to be friends with him. He was not that happy of a person in the beginning, because he only had one friend named Henery. After Henery passed away he was left with a piece of land by a train station. Fin loved trains and knew everything about them. This was the place I would say he called home. He enjoyed being around them and would watch them for hours at a time. Even though his house was not the nicest I do think he would consider it his home because it was by a train station. A little girl named Cloey asked him to talk about trains in her class and Fin said no at first. He didn’t want people to make fun of him because of his height. In the end though he did end up going in and talking to her class because he didn’t want to let his friend down, and because he loved to talk about trains. Fin made a lot of new friends when he moved by the train station. By the end of the movie he did seem like he was a happier person because he was around thing he loved and people who loved his company. It did take Fin a little while to get use to having friends, but in the end he was a happier person. Fin might not have liked his height but he did love to talk and be around trains. This was what home was to Fin in me eyes!

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In the movie The Station Agent, Fin McBride is a short, dwarf man who like everything about train.Because he is a dwarf mam , so sometime people making fun of him. Grow up in such enviroment , Fin doesn't like to get around people, so he become very lonely. After his friend Henry dies Unexpectedly, the lawyer told his that the Golden Spire store have to close forever and Henry had inherit his some rural property with abandon depot on it. He become very depress on that time, he doesn't know what he is going to do next. He move to the train depot and plan to living with his own. Home to Fin is living with his own and know more about train on that time. His view change after his meet Joe Oramas and Olivia Harris. Joe is a snack seller who is very talkative and he has a father in a hospital . Olivia is a artist. Since her son dead, she live with herself and shut down all the connection to the outside world. They become friends after a few day. Fin change after he know Olivia and Joe, because he feel there are somebody care about him, so he didn't isolate himself anymore. Some time, they walking along the train station together. Fin always want to make some train chase vodio, but he never has chance to do that beofore. I think Fin was moved after he received Olivia's gift. Fin was very enjoy while he making a film with Joe for the passing train. Now, Fin can really feel what is home, he has new Friends and he is not lonely any more. He can doing thing he like every day, because where he live is close the train .

Olivia Harris.

The movie The Station Agent looks at some characters that live in New Jersey. They are regular people in a regular little town that feel very lonely. Olivia Harris, is a lady that lives alone in a very big house. She was married and had a son called Sam. She was living somewhere else with her small happy family. But after her son had died, it looks like she felt like she had no one. So she moved to their getaway house to get away from her past. She stopped talking to her ex-husband, and just locked herself in that big house. I feel that Olivia feels lonely without her son, and that her son was everything to her. The first time we know Olivia misses her son is when she came to Fin to welcome him to town, and told him about Sam. Another time was when she was sitting with Fin and Joe and then she saw Joe playing soccer with a young boy and a girl, and she became very emotional because she remembered Sam, so she left with tears in her eye. Home to Olivia is not living in a big house, or having the plastic dish rack that Quindlen talks about, for Olivia, home is where she feels happy surrounded with the ones she loves. When Finbar came to town, Olivia was trying so hard to be nice to him and to become his friend. I feel that Olivia feels she relates to Finbar a lot because he is a very unique character that lives alone in a big world that treats him differently than the other people. She feels the same because she does not have anyone with her and feels very lonely. At the end of the movie I felt that Olivia became happy with Finbar and Joe, and felt that they are her family. They all became a happy family together, and everyone cared about each other.

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The Station Agent

In the movie The Station Agent, Olivia Harris is a mother who lost her son. In the middle of the movie she tells us that she left her husband but moved to their vacation house to get away from him. When Olivia first invites Fin and Joe over for the first time she admits to them that she does not like having people over or does not have them over often. In the beginning and towards the end of the movie I could tell that she did not like having people over to her house because it was her get away from her husband and the outside world. She never answers her two phones because she does not like talking on them. I think that since her son died it made her not interact with people and she shut the world out. When Olivia is sitting with Fin on the porch of his place and she sees the little kids it makes her miss her son more and she runs home and shuts the world out. I think that she left her husband in the city to get away from all the people telling her sorry for her sons death and it was a good place for her to clear her mind, and also sometime to just relax and think to herself.

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Station Agent

In the movie the Station Agent every character is dealing with their own problems and figuring out who they are. The one person who stood out the most for me was Finbar McBride. Finbar is a little person who goes through life getting mean comments and weird looks. This made Finbar angry ( as it would for anybody else), so he stays isolated in an apartment above his train store where he works in the back away from costumers while another guy works in the front. Throughout the whole movie Finbars view of home has changed. In the beginning of the movie he would go through his life depressed and sad. During this time i don't think he ever felt like he was at home anywhere or doing anything. Later in the movie after the guy who worked in the front of the store died he left his train house in the country to Finbar. He had nowhere else to stay so decided to go to that house. This is when Finbar was beginning to change his feeling on a home. For him being at home isn't a physical place but more of an emotional state. Being able to read about trains or watch trains pass in the park on a sunny day is home to him. Going to a new place and meeting new people helped Finbar open up. Having Joe Aramas and Olivia Harris as his friends and them showing that they do care about him and about his love for trains has changed his feeling of home. Sharing the same feeling about trains as his friends really makes him feel better about himself and shows that he does have a home not only in an emotional state, but also in a physical place too. Having people who care about him can give him a sense of having a family, where before he never had those feelings which in the end helps him feel more at home with both emotionally and physically.

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better understand

The movie autism: the musical helped me understand Christopher in the curious incident of the dog in the night time. After I watched I realized that Christopher and how he is different from the other kids. While I was watching the movie I can see that the different characters from each kids. Christopher is more likely hennery in the movie hennery was smart kid. Is a kind of who can create thing and wasn’t like loud noise. In the book Christopher didn’t like touching if someone Christopher he would punch. Christopher he more like math. And hennery he more dinosaur. When I was reading the book I didn’t knew that Christopher. Were kid who have autism but knowledge and smart kids who writing a book thanks to the movies. it bteer understad autism kid can do the norman person and live theor own worl.


after watching the movie u have a better understanding on chrtistophers point of view and why he acts in certian ways. one major thing i've learned was that autistic children dont understand alot of the things that regular people consider normal. i didnt know that autistic children have many difficulty understanding people and things that would seem normal to us. christopher has similar difficulties as the children in the film. for example its hard for him to understand people emotions and understanding them. the film shows that autism is a reality and we have to deal with it. one of kids who name was adam i really liked him. Adam is really smart and adorable he reminds me of my little brother. the film does an exellent job showing the viewer what autism is and how to deal or react to it. I've learned alot and im greatful to god for my health.

after the movie Autism: The Musical

The movie Autism: The Musical help me understand more about Christopher and what autism people's thinking. The movie showing us a real story for autism and what problem autism people facing. It telling us much more detail about autism than the Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time . Before i watch the movie, i don't understand Christopher's behaviour in the book. After Christopher heard his mother died in hospital , he didn't cry ,sad or showing any emotion; he just accepted the fact of his mother dead.Many autism kids have them own difficult. There are many autism kids in the movie, i found that Henry and Neal are like to live in their own world. Henry was smart and he like animal. sometime, he even pretend he was animal. That just like Christopher, Christopher like to spend time on math and science, he is also living in his own world. After i watched the movie, i had learn more about autism. Just like Christopher ,many autism kids have behavior problem, some autism kid hate noise, so they like to stay on the corner and cover them ear. This movie help me understand more about Christopher's character and his behaviours.

Autism : a Better Look

After watching the movie Autism: the Musical, I got a better understand about Autism, and I can make a visual picture for the character Christopher in the Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The documentary showed us how Autistic kids interact with regular people. They all like being in their own world, where there is no one to bother them. Before the movie I just thought Christopher was just a weird child, and I didn’t understand why he had a lack of emotion. For example when Christopher was talking about his mother and how she was dead, he was speaking of her like she was never his mother. He got straight to the point and said she died of a heart attack.

Christopher and the kids in the documentary have some similarities in common. For example Henry had a great deal of knowledge about dinosaurs that most people would not have. In Christopher’s case, his obsession is math and numbers. Neal is very quiet but like Christopher he throws temper tantrums. In the story, “Siobhan asked whether Father had hit me and I said I didn’t know because I got very cross and it made my memory go strange.” This shows how Chris had such a bad tantrum he blanks out and forgets everything. Also, the documentary showed how children with autism tend to be lonely and they go off in their own world. All of the kids had a place to get away from everything. Now I got a better understand why Christopher would sometimes go to his own world. But in the end, the documentary opened my eyes really helped my understand Christopher and his actions.

Christopher and Other Autistic Children!

After watching the movie on autistic kids, it did help me to understand Christopher more. In the movie it showed us that not every kid is the same. They are all talented in their own way. Elaine took a lot of children with autism in to do a musical with them. No one thought she could do it, but she was willing to prove them wrong. Lexi was very talented. She loved to sing, but she was an autistic kid. When she would get excited she would jump up and down and clap her hands. No matter what though Lexi never gave up singing. Christopher was also like this when it came to finding out who killed the dog. Henry in the movie was a very smart kid, but he was only smart, but he was only smart when it came to pre historic times. This is just like Christopher because he was also smart but in the math and science area. Christopher also didn’t like when people were loud. A lot of the kids in the movie were the same way. Adam was one of the kids who did not like loud noises. He would cover his ears just like Christopher would. Not all kids are like Christopher though. Wyatt was a very open kid. He loved to talk and he would go on for hours if you let him. This movie showed us that children with autism are not all the same, but people should treat them the same. Just because a child might have autism does not mean they can’t do what they put their minds to. All of these children proved this in their own way at the musical!

Understanding after movie

After the movie Autism, the musical helped me understand that Christopher have the kind of symptoms that the kids in the movie have. By watching the movie, I understand more about how people or with Autism feels. It also shows the way it makes a person behave. Some of the kids are in their own world, such as Henry in the film, living in his own little world in the film, and they way that Christopher described in the book. I think they both had the same action. Christopher didn’t like be touched, and some of the kids had the same feeling about that. Watching that movie helped me understand how people with the Autism symptoms would feel, and how they are living in their own little world sometimes. It also helped me understand more about Christopher in his book.

very good understanding!

The film of Autism: The musical help me to understand Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time so goodly. The movie has show me lots a real story of autism that might compared form the book of Christopher and the film of Autism. In the movie of autism kids has lot struggle of their brain problem. In the film there is a boy name Henry he reminded us much about the Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Henry in the film and Christopher in the book has most alike actions because they both are intelligent in their own way and they both are in their world. In the film of Autism Henry always wanted to make a friend who can talk to them and share what is his opinion. Christopher in the book he feels like he interesting animal like a dog, rats. Christopher also is good at Math and science subjects. In the book chapter (Haddon 71) ‘’I’m not meant to call them stupid, even thought this is what they are’’. Because everyone has learning difficulties to speak difference language. In the chapter Christopher was trying to prove that he is not meant to everyone or stupid. All what he said is proving his grade higher Math level and Christopher was smart when it came to that subject math and science. I also understand that Christopher does not like spend most of his time with the people because he likes to spend his time with computer and dogs. Both the film and book are alike but you can compare the characteristic Christopher and Henry in the movie.

After watching Autism: The Musical I feel like I have a pretty good visual of Christopher now. I noticed a lot of characteristics of Christopher described in the book throughout the kids in the movie. It is almost as if Christopher has one symptom from each kid in the movie. He doesn’t like loud sounds like a couple kids in the movie and he also doesn’t like being touched like some kids in the movie. The one thing I really noticed was how the kids would go into their own world like Christopher. It is almost as if the author watched this movie and based Christopher off a part of all the kids in the movie. There was not one kid in the movie that I couldn’t relate to Christopher. One of the characters I thought really related to Christopher was Henry. Henry was very knowledgeable when it came to reptiles and he would go into his own world. Christopher is the same exact way just with math and science. Henry would use his knowledge of reptiles to go into his own world and act like a reptile. Christopher used math and science to go into his own world and make him happy. One thing I noticed in Lexi was that she could really only repeat things and could not generate her own ideas or words. This is kind of like Christopher because he can’t exactly tell a lie he just leaves things out. He also has a very good memory because he can repeat things. Watching this movie was definitely a good idea because I have a much clearer picture of who Christopher really is now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Better understanding Christopher

After watching the documentary Autism: The Musical I now have a much clearer image of how Christopher is different from others. While I was watching the movie I could see different characteristics from each kid that were talked about with Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A lot of the kids in the film disliked loud noises and that is kind of like Christopher and being touched. When he is touched he feels violated and starts to hit the person touching him. Henry, from the movie, loved to talk about reptiles and he knew pretty much everything about them. His memory was very good and he was very smart because of it. This helped me see how Christopher too is very smart because of his amazing memory. I think Henry would agree with Christopher that their minds work like a computer. The film also shows how hard it is for kids with autism to be accepted by the other kids and how big of a struggle it is for their parents to take care of them. In a way I guess I can see how Christopher's mom just couldn't take it anymore. She obviously still cares about him because of all the letters and now I can understand how hard it must be for Christopher to be on his own trying to get to her. Thanks to the movie I will have a much better understanding of the character Christopher for the remainder of the book.

Good understanding after movie

I really understand who Christopher is after I watched the movie. Before I watch the movie I have picture who Christopher is. But now I really know who he is. He was a special kid who was autistic, live in his own world, and we see many kids that have same problem as him in the movie. I never heard this problem and I never seen anybody that has autism. But the question I ask my self is, if we have this problem of autism, how come the Doctors around the world didn’t find medicines for those children that have autistic because this is really big problem. We learn something new every day! When we where reading the book I thought this story was a made up story because I never heard of people have autism and they live in their own world. But when I watch the movie and I see all those kids that have autism, I realize that this problem is not something the author just made it up but it’s a problem that many people around the world have. So my conclusion is the book and the movie is the same, both of them talk about kids that have autism. But the main character of the book is a kids that has autism, and the movie is people that made project for many kids that have autism.

Help to better understand Christopher

The movie Autism: The Musical helped me understand Christopher in many ways. Each kid in the movie had their own unique styles that I think Christopher related too. Henry is just like Christopher in a way of knowing a lot of information or having a lot of knowledge about a certain subject. For Henry it was dinosaurs and for Christopher it was math. These two subjects for Henry and Christopher were like an escape from the world and they became comfortable with themselves. Neal is more quiet than the rest he tends to have bad tantrums and I think that’s how he and Christopher are similar. “Siobhan asked whether Father had hit me and I said I didn’t know because I got very cross and it made my memory go strange.” This shows that like Neal, Christopher has bad tantrums to the point that he can’t even remember what happened because he blanks out. Wyatt and Christopher to the point that Wyatt doesn’t want to be in a Special Ed class for being afraid of being different and Christopher what I think Christopher proves in a way that he isn’t special because he does so well in his math classes. Adam and Christopher are more different than they are alike. I think this because Adam likes playing with kids and is occasionally is bossy. Christopher doesn’t like to play with other people, but they both don’t like very loud noises. Watching this movie helped to better understand what Christopher’s parents had to go through almost every day. In the beginning they weren’t sure how to teach or care for an autistic kid but learned to adapt and find better ways of teaching and caring for Christopher.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I think that the film gives a real life story of autism that you might not get from the book. The book is good at explaining how good autistic kid is at writing a book and shows how their minds work. In the movie it shows how Henry goes into his own world just like Christopher does when he is on the train to his mother's house. I believe that Henry is very much like Chris, they both go into their own worlds, they are very knowledgeable about certain things, they do not like a lot of people in one area at one time. Both boys are in special classes but they are very knowledgeable to be in regular classes but their schools will not let them be with normal kids. Autistic kids have a very good memory at times, for example in the book Chris is out in the country with his family for the weekend and he counts how many cows he sees and how many miles it is from town to town. In the book he can remember the date of when they went out into the countryside.

Friday, November 12, 2010

   The film of Autism: the Musical helps me understand a lot about the character Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The film showed us how an autism child behavior with other people; and they also like to be left in their own world. In the being of the book I did not understand why Christopher would act the way he does. For example the when Christopher was have a discussion about his mother dead he was talk about her like she was not even his mother. I was think if I was him I couldn’t think I would able talk about my mother the way Christopher does. Christopher was just give us the fact how his mother had heart attack. I was think Christopher was not normal child, because he was lacking of emotions when it came to his own mother dead. The film helps me to see more about Christopher character come to life. I can say all the kids that are in the film have some kind comparable to Christopher character. For example Henry has a passion for dinosaurs, for Christopher it will be math and numbers. I can also see Neal character in Christopher because they both have behavior problem. Wyatt also has the same kind of behavior as Christopher, for example when Wyatt was talk about his classmate and how he do not like being in class with them. It illustrate his lacked of emotions same as Christopher character. Now I understand why Christopher character do the things he do, and how it’s not weird to me anymore.