Sunday, November 28, 2010

the Station Agent

The Film " The Station Agent" take place New found land NJ. Finbar is the main character along with his best friend Joe. Joe and Finbar always hang out. Finbar enjoys Trains and loves to watch them and see the. on the other hand Joe sell ice cream and certain foods. Finbar meet Olivia and they become good friends and enjoy each other company. Going back to the beginning of the film Finbar inherites a small half acre land. His good friend Henry dies and leaves the Station for Finbar. In this interesting film i learned how certain people feel and what people go through when they cant fit into normal society. As the movie goes on we see Finbar go through alot of tough trials and tribulations, for example a young gril asks him to come to her school and grive a talk about trains. Finbar refuses and later agrees and kids start making fun of his hight. Olivia, Joe and Finbar become good friends and begin to hangout with each other untill they get angry with each other and later make up. Finbar loves trains and likes to watch them. Joe and Finbar enjoy each others company. they do all sorts of activities together, like train chasing and talking smoking. Finbar in the is very quite and does not like taking he has low self esteme and people make fun of him beacuse his hight. he is around 4ft 6 inches, he spends most of his time either watching trains or hanging out with Olivia and Joe. I really liked this film. I am greatful for alot of the things which many people take granted for.

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