Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yusuf Ismail

Alyssa Francis

English 109.01

November 28, 2010

The film The Station Agent is about this guy name Fin who lives in Newfoundland, New Jersey. He inherited the house. Fin is a little guy and he will get a lot of criticism for being little but he doesn't care about that. Fin loves trains and always loved to be a train chaser. Fin loved trains for a while and he would love to be a train chaser so bad but he didn't got the chance to be a train chaser for a long long time because of he doesn’t own a camera. To be a train chaser you have to have a camera to record the trains while you are chasing it and then you would be considered a train chaser. There is a lady name Olivia Harris. Olivia Harris and Fin became friends after she tried to gave Fin a ride to the convenience store twice but felled to control her vehicle because she spilled a hot coffee in her thighs and instead she almost ran him both times. Fin likes to be along and not mess with but Olivia kept talking to him and she wanted to apologize him and become friends with him. They will soon become friends. There is also another guy name Joe he has a truck next to Fin's house that sales coffee and food and some other stuff. Fin and Joe will get to know each other and they will soon also became friends, matter fact Fin, Joe, and Olivia all three of them will became friends. They will get together sometimes and have dinner or a coffee. One day Fin would told Olivia and Joe that he loves to be a train chaser but never had the chance to became one because he doesn't own a camera. Olivia will buy a camera as gift for Fin so he can be what he always loved, to be a train chaser. After Fins receives the camera him and Joe will chased a train with Joe's tuck and record the train that they chased. All three of them would become a close friends and one day they will spent the day together. Fin, Joe will sleep over at Olivia's house. Olivia's ex husband came back to the house to visit Olivia but he find out that two guys sleeping at the house and Olivia still love her ex husband. There would be a lot chaos. All three will break apart but in the end they will come back together and become close friends once again.

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