Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film The Station Agent, one of the main characters is named Finbar McBride. Fin has a deep love for trains and almost treats them as if they were is friends. He works at a train shop, called the golden spike, and he lives in an apartment right next to the shop. This is Finbars home. There is no other place that he can call his home and he lives and works with what he loves. His friend and boss at the train shop, named Henry, dies unexpectedly and Fin is told that that the train hobby shop will be closed down. He also learns that Henry had left him a half acre piece of land with an old abandoned train station. Finbar decides to take residence in this old station and live in peace. In my opinion, Finbars real home was back at the train shop with Henry and now that it's closed down his home is the station in which he lives. However, it will never take the spot of his real home.

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