Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fin McBride

In the movie The Station Agent the character the most stood out is the main character Fin McBride. Fin was always looking down by all kinds of people. Everyone sees him as the short little man rather than just man. Whenever he goes anyplace everyone looks that him weird and say mean common about him. After Fin best friend die at shop unexpectedly, Henry had give Fin rural property with abandon depot on it, In Newfoundland, New Jersey. After few days Fin moves to his new house. Even thought Fin had new town everyone still looks at him weird and also say mean common about because he is dwarf. Fin meats Olivia and Joe who are ones of the main characters. Joe and Olivia will become impotent people in Fin life. We first meet Joe who is conversational guy. Joe sells foods in a truck right next to the depot were Fin lives. Than we meat Olivia, who also most run over Finbar McBride with her car. Twice. Fin likes to read, and talk about trait. He enjoys watching and reading about trains. After Meat Olivia and Joe, Fin becomes really close friends. In begging of the movie home was physical state, for all the characters. Olivia comes to their vacation house after her son, Sam die. For it was all about start new life for himself, and for Joe want to get away from his father illness and what his father was going though. In end of the movie we see that home is emotional state, rather than physical place for all the characters

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