Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent : Finbar

The movie The Station Agent, takes place in New found land, NJ. There are four main characters; Finbar, Olivia, Henry Styles and Joe. They all have their own personal problems. But the main character Finbar stood out to me the most. Finbar who is four foot five inches tall works at a train shop with his friend and boss, Henry. At the beginning of the story we see Finbar has very low self esteem. The reason for this is because people look down on him, they see him as a midget and not a man. In the beginning of the movie Finbar lives in a small apartment near his job. But with the sudden death of his close friend and boss Henry, Finbar is left with an inheritance of one half acre of land in the small town of Newfoundland, New Jersey. Fin moves there and takes up residence in an abandoned train station on the property. To fin home goes from being a physical state to a emotional state.

There as he lives in his new house he meets Joe, a fun guy who sells food next to where Fin lives. We see that at the beginning of the story Fin doesn’t like Joe that much, but we learn that as the story goes on; Joe and Fin become very good friends. Home was a physical state to Fin. But as the movie went along home became an emotional state. In this movie we see the importance of having a home, because most of the characters get away from there old life and want to start a new one. He knew a lot about train stations so his home was perfect being near a train station. In a way you could say Finbar was really close with his trains. He liked them more than people because people would look at him with mean looks and say mean remarks. During the movie, a young girl named cloey asked Fin to teach her class about trains and his first response was no. In the end he ended up going in and talking about trains because that was favorite thing to talk about. Even though he didn’t want people thinking he was weird. In the end, Finbar knows what it feels like to have a home and caring friends . He doesn’t have to feel lonely anymore.

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