Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

This movie, The Station Agent, is very interesting movie. The main character of the movie is Fin McBride. He lives in his own house, and doesn’t like talking to other people very often. He is a single, and he didn’t have kids. His house is everything to him, and he don’t feel like he missing anything because he has his big house. He doesn’t like talking to people that much because when first time Joe Aramas met him the front of his house he asked him do you live here?, and Fin answer him back yes and after when Joe ask couple questions, finally Joe asked Fin can I come in the house and drink with you? And he answer him back no then Joe said maybe next time right? Fin shut the door and said while he was shutting door he said yes. So that’s showing us how much Fin love is house and didn’t want share with nobody. He always at his house except when he goes to shopping or when he goes outside and walking train road. Fin loves watching trains and he loves reading books about trains, and he knew a lot about trains. But the thing I don’t understand until now is that if Fin loves is house that much and he even like his house more then he love the people why he doesn’t have a bed to sleep and he sleep at the coach? I really don’t get that because if I like my house I would get everything and bed will be the first one I would get. So that’s show me he different from us because we didn’t love our house like they way he love and even though we didn’t like our house like that we do have beds to sleep.


  1. what do you like this film. i agree with that finbar loves trains but the film mentions other things which he enjoys for example hanging with Joe and Olivia.

  2. I agree that he should get a bed to sleep in, but he just got this place after Henry died and he also lost his job. So, he may not have the money for a bed or other things to put in his house that he loves so much.

  3. i dont think he enjoys hanging with Joe and Olivia first time when they met but for last of the movie yes he enjoys hanging with Joe and Olivia but first time he was kind mean to them.

    Arogers. we didn't see anywhere that show us he doesn't have money. so i just guess he don't like sleep with bed, that's why he doesn't have one.