Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

Fin in the movie “The Station Agent” was a very unique person. He was a midget and because of that he didn’t really like to be around people. People would stop and stair at Fin and even take pictures of him, because of how tall he was. He would try and do everything by himself even though people tried to be friends with him. He was not that happy of a person in the beginning, because he only had one friend named Henery. After Henery passed away he was left with a piece of land by a train station. Fin loved trains and knew everything about them. This was the place I would say he called home. He enjoyed being around them and would watch them for hours at a time. Even though his house was not the nicest I do think he would consider it his home because it was by a train station. A little girl named Cloey asked him to talk about trains in her class and Fin said no at first. He didn’t want people to make fun of him because of his height. In the end though he did end up going in and talking to her class because he didn’t want to let his friend down, and because he loved to talk about trains. Fin made a lot of new friends when he moved by the train station. By the end of the movie he did seem like he was a happier person because he was around thing he loved and people who loved his company. It did take Fin a little while to get use to having friends, but in the end he was a happier person. Fin might not have liked his height but he did love to talk and be around trains. This was what home was to Fin in me eyes!

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  1. i agree you point. Fin doesn't want to be around of people, because he doesn't like people making fun of him. so he alway try to avoid meeting new people and even talk to them. Fin was change after he knew Joe and Olivia, he didnt feel any lonely in that time and he try to let people accept him. so he go talking in Cloey's class.Fin love train, living aroung train will make he feel like where he belong.