Friday, November 26, 2010

In the movie The Station Agent, Fin McBride is a short, dwarf man who like everything about train.Because he is a dwarf mam , so sometime people making fun of him. Grow up in such enviroment , Fin doesn't like to get around people, so he become very lonely. After his friend Henry dies Unexpectedly, the lawyer told his that the Golden Spire store have to close forever and Henry had inherit his some rural property with abandon depot on it. He become very depress on that time, he doesn't know what he is going to do next. He move to the train depot and plan to living with his own. Home to Fin is living with his own and know more about train on that time. His view change after his meet Joe Oramas and Olivia Harris. Joe is a snack seller who is very talkative and he has a father in a hospital . Olivia is a artist. Since her son dead, she live with herself and shut down all the connection to the outside world. They become friends after a few day. Fin change after he know Olivia and Joe, because he feel there are somebody care about him, so he didn't isolate himself anymore. Some time, they walking along the train station together. Fin always want to make some train chase vodio, but he never has chance to do that beofore. I think Fin was moved after he received Olivia's gift. Fin was very enjoy while he making a film with Joe for the passing train. Now, Fin can really feel what is home, he has new Friends and he is not lonely any more. He can doing thing he like every day, because where he live is close the train .

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  1. I completely agree with you Jing. Home is about being independent to Fin. He likes his trains. Its almost like he likes the trains more than he does people. He goes into his own world just like Christopher in the book we are reading.