Friday, November 26, 2010

Olivia Harris.

The movie The Station Agent looks at some characters that live in New Jersey. They are regular people in a regular little town that feel very lonely. Olivia Harris, is a lady that lives alone in a very big house. She was married and had a son called Sam. She was living somewhere else with her small happy family. But after her son had died, it looks like she felt like she had no one. So she moved to their getaway house to get away from her past. She stopped talking to her ex-husband, and just locked herself in that big house. I feel that Olivia feels lonely without her son, and that her son was everything to her. The first time we know Olivia misses her son is when she came to Fin to welcome him to town, and told him about Sam. Another time was when she was sitting with Fin and Joe and then she saw Joe playing soccer with a young boy and a girl, and she became very emotional because she remembered Sam, so she left with tears in her eye. Home to Olivia is not living in a big house, or having the plastic dish rack that Quindlen talks about, for Olivia, home is where she feels happy surrounded with the ones she loves. When Finbar came to town, Olivia was trying so hard to be nice to him and to become his friend. I feel that Olivia feels she relates to Finbar a lot because he is a very unique character that lives alone in a big world that treats him differently than the other people. She feels the same because she does not have anyone with her and feels very lonely. At the end of the movie I felt that Olivia became happy with Finbar and Joe, and felt that they are her family. They all became a happy family together, and everyone cared about each other.

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  1. I agree with you when you say that Olivia feels most happy when she is with the ones she loves. Like when Olivia, Finbar, and Joe are on the abandoned railroad tracks eating lunch is when i felt that she was happy and felt more at home with herself.