Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In the movie The Station Agent there's a lots characteristics special Fin McBride is the short, little man who always goes through life getting mean common and weird looks. He like to talk about traits, one day Fin move to the train depot and he plan to living with his own. While living Fin McBride by himself, he knows more about trains. Joe Aramas and Olivia Harris was friend of Fin. Joe is the hot dog selling guy he like to have friend with Fin, but Mr. McBride doesn’t seem open person. He's quiet person who always wake's up early in the morning and walks all the way train stations. Fin McBride stays isolated in an apartment above his traits store where he used to work in the back ways from customer while other people's working front. Other characteristics in the movie Olivia Harris was lady who live by herself she doesn't like having people in her house because of her husband when he left her she don't answer any phone ringing she also lost her son she interact the people over them. Joe Aramas and Olivia show them that they care about Fin McBride about his feeling. Sharing the same feeling about trains as his friend Joe and Olivia was before it show him it really makes him feel more better what he was before it show him that he does have a home not only all the emotional state he has. Throughout the movie every characteristics is trying to figuring out who they really are.


  1. i disagree that Fin McBride always goes through life getting mean common, and weird looks. He is not like the way you think he is but he just quiet person that don’t like talking to people, he want always lives is own, he didn’t like sharing something with other people, so he is not always goes through life getting mean common, and weird looks. So been different from other people is not mean and weird. So don’t take that way. We have a lot people like Fin McBride for example the main character of the book The Curious Incident of the Dog. Christopher John Francis. He just don’t like talking people, he live is own world because he live by him self and he don’t like a lot things we do like for example sharing, talking and act… he like he is good at trains like the way Christopher good at math and science. So he is not mean and weird at all but that’s the way you took it he is

  2. Abdinasir I agree with you one hundred percent I don't think that Finn is a mean person at all rather he chose to be a quite person so that people don't hurt him$...
    He was only trying to protect himself.