Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Station Agent

In the movie The Station Agent, Olivia Harris is a mother who lost her son. In the middle of the movie she tells us that she left her husband but moved to their vacation house to get away from him. When Olivia first invites Fin and Joe over for the first time she admits to them that she does not like having people over or does not have them over often. In the beginning and towards the end of the movie I could tell that she did not like having people over to her house because it was her get away from her husband and the outside world. She never answers her two phones because she does not like talking on them. I think that since her son died it made her not interact with people and she shut the world out. When Olivia is sitting with Fin on the porch of his place and she sees the little kids it makes her miss her son more and she runs home and shuts the world out. I think that she left her husband in the city to get away from all the people telling her sorry for her sons death and it was a good place for her to clear her mind, and also sometime to just relax and think to herself.

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  1. I really like your post,but i think that she says that her house is her home because it is a place she can get away, but it is also a place where she can go and do art work. The movis did show us that she loves to draw and i think she uses her house to draw so she can get her mind off the bad things that are going through her haed. your post was really good and it gave us a good perspective on Olivia and what she thinks home is. :)