Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Station Agent

In the movie the Station Agent every character is dealing with their own problems and figuring out who they are. The one person who stood out the most for me was Finbar McBride. Finbar is a little person who goes through life getting mean comments and weird looks. This made Finbar angry ( as it would for anybody else), so he stays isolated in an apartment above his train store where he works in the back away from costumers while another guy works in the front. Throughout the whole movie Finbars view of home has changed. In the beginning of the movie he would go through his life depressed and sad. During this time i don't think he ever felt like he was at home anywhere or doing anything. Later in the movie after the guy who worked in the front of the store died he left his train house in the country to Finbar. He had nowhere else to stay so decided to go to that house. This is when Finbar was beginning to change his feeling on a home. For him being at home isn't a physical place but more of an emotional state. Being able to read about trains or watch trains pass in the park on a sunny day is home to him. Going to a new place and meeting new people helped Finbar open up. Having Joe Aramas and Olivia Harris as his friends and them showing that they do care about him and about his love for trains has changed his feeling of home. Sharing the same feeling about trains as his friends really makes him feel better about himself and shows that he does have a home not only in an emotional state, but also in a physical place too. Having people who care about him can give him a sense of having a family, where before he never had those feelings which in the end helps him feel more at home with both emotionally and physically.

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  1. I agree with you that Finbar did not feel at home at all, until maybe at the end of the movie. And in your post you said, "Being able to read about trains or watch trains pass in the park on a sunny day is home to him" I think he liked watching trains and reading about them because it made him getaway. It is like his best friend that he never had. I think when Finbar watches the trains it makes him forget his sorrows and everyone's mean comment around him and makes him comfortable. Another thing Finbar felt is that he can't protect himself or anyone else (like when he was trying to help the librarian with her boyfriend). I think that's a very hard situation for him because he is a man and usually people think that men should be the shield for everyone, but he will never be one. =(